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Mind of Med has an interview with Willie Taylor of Day26. They talk about Diddy, the group's recording process without Qwanell "Que" Mosley and more.

Med: Whats the recording process now like for Day 26 without Que? And I am not just talking about his personality but the actual recording records with 4 guys instead of 5?

Will: Of course its a lot different. Que knows that he has always been one of my favorite voices of the group. I always liked his tone and I thought he was a dope singer. But even though there is one voice missing there are a lot of good voices left and we are going to still have that Day 26 sound. This album you going to hear more of Big Mike I dont think he got enough shine in the first two joints he is really killing these records. We have a deep story line that we have been working on with Bryan Michael Cox. The album is coming out amazing we are coming out with a lot of impact records I think people are going to really respect the music this time. With us not being on TV this time it gives Dj, radio and everyone the opportunity to love the music versus what they thought about what went on the show.