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In an interview with WGCI's UB Rodriguez (listen below), Willie Taylor of Day26 discussed his thoughts on the removal of Qwanell "Que" Mosley from the group. On Friday, Que went public with his end of the situation.

"Y'all seen Making the Band 4, anyway, the last season," Willie explained. "That was true. It was no script to it. It was real. That's how he was acting. And he just carried it on. What people don't know is we almost lost our deal. A lot of stuff we almost lost because of this dude. You can't name a show across the country that I wasn't at. I never missed a show. But, you had shows where Que wouldn't even show up. He changed his number, changed his Twitter. It had discouraged me to the point I was almost going to step out and go solo."

On whether or not he was thinking of going solo: "We had one bad seed who - you know like cancer spreads? It was kinda like cancer. It was like a situation where it could have just tore us all to pieces. At the end of the day, we had our talk, we brought it back in. We owe this to our fans to come back and do this, we owe it to our label, we owe it to everybody to go and make this third album amazing. But, we gotta go in as a unit and we just missing one member who wasn't even trying to communicate with us. So, at the end of the day, any of this stuff could have been resolved via just sitting back and having a conversation. Like if he had just picked up the phone like 'Will, this is what I'm going through, bruh.' I don't even know. Like anybody in the world probably got his number, I don't have it, though. I don't have his number, I don't know his Twitter, I don't know nothing about the dude."

On the group's efforts to talk with Que: "We was trying to reach out to him. We had our lawyers contact his lawyers. And it seemed like a whatever type of situation. So, we didn't know if he had something else going on, but at the end of the day, it almost took us to pieces. I guess before it took us to pieces, we just had to be like 'alright, cool, well let's just get rid of this part, keep it moving.'"

On Que's claims regarding the group's manager, Screwface: "The thing he had against management wasn't nothing to do with business. He made it seem like it was something to do with business, but it was more something to do with something personal. You can't live outside your means. You can't go and get a Lexus in which they only made 30 in the whole United States of America off a "Making the Band" check. You can't live outside your means. You got to struggle and get there. He just was trying to do things he wasn't able to do at the time."

When asked what he would say if he had a chance to talk to Que: "If I had a chance to talk to Que, my conversation would be more like you know I always had my hand out to you because I was always like a older brother and I always told him, even outside the whole brand of Day26, I felt like it was part of my calling [from] God for me to look out for this dude. For me, I was trying to bring you in because I been in a situation where I had a video on TV and then it snapped back down into reality where I felt like nobody was behind me or I'd never reach my dream. So, I just really wanted to save him from that situation. Sometimes you gotta learn for yourself. You gotta go through those situations, just so you can have your own experience at it and I think that's what he got caught up in. The fact that he didn't want to listen to his older brother."