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On the USTREAM channel of his new management as a solo artist, Day26's Qwanell "Que" Mosley announced that he has been removed from the group by the other four members, following an extended period of disputes with the group's manager, Screwface of Starstruck Entertainment (watch the video below).

"This situation started back in Making the Band 4," he told the interviewer. "As you guys know, on Making the Band 4, MTV showed me going crazy. But, the real deal - what really happened - was I had a problem with management. He promised me a house. I'm [going to] get personal, tell y'all the truth. He came over to my house and he talked with my mother and my father at our table and he told us to move out of Rochester because I was scared, I was getting threats in my home town. People thought I had made it, they thought I had money. So, I was getting threats of robbery and stuff, so I had to get my family out. I told Screwface, I was like 'yo, man, I don't feel comfortable here. I'm scared for my life, I'm scared for my family's life.'"

"So, he came to my house and talked to my family. He's like 'I got y'all, I got this house in Virginia. Y'all go ahead and sell all y'all stuff, sell the house, I got y'all.' So, my mother sold all of her furniture, we sold all the stuff and when it was time to move, Screwface said the house ain't ready, we can't move in because [of] water damages. And I was like 'huh? Water damages? That don't make sense.' Come to find out, he didn't want me to move in because he said I couldn't afford it. So, my issue came with Screwface, like 'you set me up, you promised me this house and I looked at you as a father."

According to Mosley, this is the reason for all of the drama during the last season of Making the Band 4. "The reason I was going crazy on television was because Screwface was messing with my family. I think anybody would go crazy if someone was messing with your family. I didn't have a house."

Que says that Screwface was brought to the group by Willie Taylor, who vouched for him. "We went through Making the Band 4," he said. "We went through them trials and tribulations that everyone saw on television. So, when Willie brought Screwface, we trusted him because we didn't want to get cheated. The whole thing was, we didn't want to get cheated. Had nothing to do with Puff, it was all Screwface. Everyone thinks it's Puff, it ain't nothing to do with him. It's about Screwface."

When news broke that Day26 would be staying at Atlantic when Diddy moved to Interscope, Que says he was happy for the "fresh beginning," but that he didn't want to move forward with their current management.

"I put out on Twitter, I said I want to continue with Day26, I just don't want their management," he explained. "All the group members were down with it. They told me if I get a lawyer and find Screwface in breach [of contract], they gonna move forward with Day26. So, from my understanding, I got all the proof that we were getting cheated and I showed them the proof and they tried to reverse it on me. And they sent me a letter, December 14, 2009 stating 'Dear Qwanell, I have been instructed by the members of Day26, copied here, to formally advise you that the group members no longer desire to work with you. The members request that neither you, nor any of your representatives, contact anyone on behalf of or concerning Day26. You may have your attorneys, also copied here, direct any inquiries to my attention. Brian, Willie, Robert and Michael wish you the best in your future endeavors. Regards, Gary Greenberg.'"

"I never said I didn't want to be a part of it," he continued. "It hurts me because I stated clear that I love Day26. I love them. I made it clear to my fans that I love Day26 and I just wanted to move forward with new management. I wanted my business in order. I was not moving forward getting cheated anymore. I have nothing to show for it. And that's just me keeping it real 100. We worked too hard. We got too many fans that support us for us not to have nothing to show for it. I shouldn't be struggling. We shouldn't be struggling. And that's real."

When asked about the remaining members, he said: "I still have no motives toward them and they know the truth. And I love them and I wish them the best. But, I'm not going to be cheated no more. Not by management. If we gonna get cheat somebody, we need to cheat people together. If we gonna have loyalty, we need to have loyalty together. We supposed to be a team, that's what I was taught this was. That's what I was taught. That's what I was taught by Puff. Puff taught me to be loyal. So, I'm taking up for Puff. This don't got nothing to do with Puff. This is Screwface. Screwface did this."

"I feel bad for my brothers, because they don't get it. And they making me seem like I'm the bad guy. But, no. MTV don't got control over this no more. I'm telling the world the truth. It's Screwface. It's not Puff. It was Screwface. It wasn't Bad Boy. It was Screwface. That's the gotcha, gotcha."

Que said he is now being managed by Soul World Entertainment and plans to move on as a solo artist.

A request for comment from Screwface and Starstruck Management was not immediately returned late Friday night. If and when they provide a statement, I will be sure to share it.

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