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Posted by Patrick
From MTV News:

"... I'm fiendin' to sit down and put some songs together with Diddy, the Boys N Da Hood project." ...

There are no official tour plans, but Ross might go on a joint headlining outing with Yung Joc.

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Posted by Patrick

According to Ross' camp, Rick has been close friends with Russell "Block" Spencer of Block Entertainment (the exec behind Boyz and Yung Joc) for years, and there has been talk about Rick officially being in Boyz N Da Hood. But no paperwork with Diddy or Ross' record label has been worked out, so everything is just done on love right now.

Boyz member Jody Breeze says that Ross is like a big brother to the group and will appear on Boyz's singles when they drop, but maintains that Ross is not an official member ó just family doing a guest spot. Breeze also says to look for other guest spots from Lil Wayne and the Game when Boyz's next LP comes out in late 2006 or early 2007.

However it pans out, DJ Ideal and dem Boyz have put together a mixtape that heavily features Ross. For his part, Ross spells it out clearly in his rhymes: He's down with Block and the Boyz.

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Posted by Patrick posted a very interesting article with Block, President of Bad Boy South. He talks about how he formed the original Boyz N Da Hood lineup (the first lineup was T.I., Trick Daddy, Sean Paul from the Youngbloodz and Jody Breeze) and how he came to sign with Diddy. He mentions that Rick Ross is in the group and that Lil' Wayne is still a part of it ("Wayneís on 15 records already, the albumís done. But Iím getting callsóPaul Wall wanna be a part of it, Slim Thug wanna be a part of it, I talked to Beanie Sigel about it.").

With Bad Boyís lack of sales lately, it seems like Puff needs you for Bad Boy South more than you need him.

He playing his cards right, and I canít knock that. And I ainít gonna lieóIíma be realóhe didnít have a key to the South. ... I gave [Puff] the key. I had a lot of people mad at me ícause I gave him that key. But itís all good ícause dude gave me a couple million to get that key. He paid for that key.

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Posted by Patrick
In an interview at, Russell "Block" Spencer said that the next Boyz N Da Hood album will be out in August. But, this answer was more interesting:

Who are the members now? I can't keep up anymore.
Block- I'm keeping it like a big surprise but it's gonna be real big trust me.

We can only guess at this point. Spencer also said he used to co-manage 2Pac, which is news to me, but then again... it may be a well known fact as I don't know a heck of a lot about Block.


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