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Posted by Patrick
Here is press release that Bad Boy put out this evening:

OCTOBER 2, 2007


Block Ent./Bad Boy South recording group Boyz N Da Hood has announced the release of their new album, "BACK UP N DA CHEVY." The ATL-based rap crew's eagerly awaited second collection - which features the banging hit single, "Everybody Know Me" - lands in stores and online today.

Handpicked and formed some three years ago by Block Ent. CEO Russell 'Block' Spencer, Boyz N Da Hood earned instant stripes for its raw-edged recasting of classic gangsta rap. "I wanted to create something aggressive and hard-hitting," says Block, "a group that could step up the game for the entire Block Ent. movement." Fuelled by the hit single, "Dem Boyz," the group's self-titled 2005 debut album - certified gold by the RIAA - immediately established Duke, Big Gee, and Jody Breeze as the South's most dangerous new group (original member Young Jeezy has since left the group and begun his own platinum-certified solo career).

The group's newest enlistee is the one-and-only Gorilla Zoe, who has made a name for himself in recent months via his featured role on Block Ent./Bad Boy South labelmate Yung Joc's hit single, "Coffee Shop," as well as on his own just-released Block Ent./Bad Boy South solo debut, "WELCOME TO THE ZOO" (which features the current smash single, "Hood Figga").

"Being in this situation is an honor," Zoe says. "I'm a fan of Boyz N Da Hood. I love the music, and I love the movement of Block Entertainment. I respect the slick talk of Jody Breeze. I respect the gutter of Big Gee, the OG qualities in the play-calling of Duke, and the boss status of Block."

"Everybody Know Me," the first single from "BACK UP N DA CHEVY," is currently blowing up at Urban radio outlets nationwide. The single was featured on the iTunes homepage upon its release earlier this year. In addition, the down-and-dirty album track, "Bite Down," is shaping up as one of the year's biggest street anthems.

"BACK UP N DA CHEVY" sees Boyz N Da Hood taking its cinematic street tales of guns, girls, and gangbanging to a whole new hardcore stratum. In addition to the aforementioned Yung Joc, the album is marked by guest appearances from a number of high-profile hip-hop luminaries, including T-Pain, Rick Ross, and the legendary Ice Cube. Among its producers are such top studio stars as Dee Jay Dana (Yung Joc, Gorilla Zoe) and Drumma Boy (Young Jeezy, Juvenile, Paul Wall).

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Posted by Patrick
The Circuit City bonus tracks for "Back Up N Da Chevy are "Stuntin'" and "Hood Laws". "Hood Laws" had been mentioned by Billboard in May as being featured on the album. It was later removed, but now resurfaces.

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Posted by Patrick
Today, Boyz N Da Hood has released their sophomore album, "Back Up N Da Chevy".


The tracklisting is as follows:

1. "Everybody Know Me"
2. "Bite Down"
3. "Say What's On Your Mind"
4. "Nothing is Promised" featuring Yung Joc
5. "We Ready" featuring Yung Joc
6. "Choppa's" featuring Ice Cube
7. "Block Boyz" featuring T-Rok, Alfa Mega, Yung Joc and Durty
8. "We Ridin'"
9. "Paper" featuring Rick Ross
10. "Back Up N Da Chevy"
11. "Table Dance" featuring T-Pain
12. "We Thuggin'"
13. "No Haters Allowed"

In July, I reported on the official tracklisting that had been released to me. There is one difference between that one and this one - it's the absence of the Van Halen sampled "Jump". I was looking forward to hearing that, actually. Maybe they had some clearance issues.

You can pick up the album at

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Posted by Patrick
Circuit City will have a version of "Back Up N Da Chevy" with 2 bonus tracks. This appears to be the only bonus version available. Buy it on their site.

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Posted by Patrick
Listen to them at Circuit City.

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Posted by Patrick
Watch below.

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Posted by Patrick
Watch below. Notice Gorilla Zoe's new verse at the end along with the removal of Big Duke's that was featured in the version of "We Ready" released as a b-side to the "It's Goin' Down" vinyl.

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Posted by Patrick
You can listen to two new Boyz N Da Hood tracks from their upcoming album, "Back Up N Da Chevy", to be released on October 2. They are "Nothing is Promised" featuring Yung Joc and "Say What's On Your Mind".

I've also added "Table Dance", another track from their album that features T-Pain.

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Posted by Patrick
Listen to it at

Via JungleCity at

Posted in Boyz N Da Hood
Posted by Patrick has an interview with Boyz N Da Hood. What have you learned from being in Boyz N Da Hood?

Jody Breeze: Patience. Obedience. Playing your part. Being in a group with so many different personalities….I can’t even describe it. I can understand what N.W.A. went through. I can understand what TLC went through. Any group….all of them go through the same things because everybody got their opinion. You just got to make the best of the situation.

Via Theo in the forums.

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