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In August, I confirmed that Gorilla Zoe had signed to E1 Music, adding a new label to the mix alongside Block Entertainment, Bad Boy and Atlantic Records. At the time, it was unclear if the deal was part of something larger with Block.

According to Russell "Block" Spencer, Block Entertainment, Atlantic and E1 have "formed a big deal." He didn't go into further details. He says this in the video below at the 2:06 mark. He mentions Koch, but Koch is actually E1.

I mention this here because it may have some effect on Boyz N Da Hood, the only remaining Bad Boy/Block Entertainment artist, besides Gorilla Zoe, who is already with E1. Zoe mentioned back in February that a third Boyz N Da Hood album would be released around the time of his third album, "King Kong." Now that "King Kong" is set for an October 26 release, it is unclear if that is still the plan.