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Update: We are now closed to questions. Thank you to everyone who posted!

It's that time again! Our first interview with B5, back in July; went so well, that we're planning to do it again.

This is your chance to ask B5 whatever you'd like to ask them. As with last time, I'll pick the most appropriate questions, keeping in mind what will make for the best interview and what will fit into the time that we have. That said, please suggest as many questions as you would like. There's no limit!

Please know that I won't ask them inappropriate questions (or questions that would get me thrown in jail!), questions that I can guess the answer to, questions that are already covered by widely available info or questions that I asked in the last interview. Edit: Also, "when are you coming to X?" type questions will not be asked as they could fill a whole interview by themselves and, really, B5 aren't tour planners. Sorry.

As a bonus, I'll be posting the audio from the interview online a few days (or so) after the interview itself is published on this site.

If you want your question to be considered, please post it here on Bad Boy Blog and not anywhere else. Please post it only once - posting it more than once won't make it any better or worse a question. If you want to direct the question at a specific member of B5, please specify who.

I think that's all there is to it. If there is something you'd like to ask B5, let me know by leaving a comment on this entry! Thanks.