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When I found out that I was probably going to interview B5, I knew what I had to do. I had to put it out there to the fans: what do you want to ask them? So, we put out a call on Bad Boy Blog and The response was overwhelming. We received approximately 300 questions. From those, I asked them 15 of your questions (not 16 as I had said before - I forgot one, sorry!) Thanks again to everyone who submitted - I hope that you enjoy the interview.

I have to say that it can be very hard to pick their voices out from one another at times. So, with some of these, I am not 100% sure. A big thanks to wadrkhadija for helping me to pick out some of the voices. Most of them are correct, but a few might not be. On ones that I was really unsure on, I've noted that it's a guess.

B5's sophomore album, "Don't Talk, Just Listen", will be in stores, September 11, 2007. Without further ado, the Bad Boy Blog interview of B5:

ROXANNE CASIANO asked: Do any of you have a favorite song off the new album and, if so, why is it it your favorite?

Bryan: My favorite song off the album is called "Tear Drops" and it was produced by Timbaland and Danja. I just like everything about the song. I know I like the beat, I like the melody, I like the tempo of it. I just love everything.

Patrick: Shoot, my favorite song has to be "She Got It Like That" and it was written by me and this guy named Blaze. He's Blaze, but it's not Just Blaze. I like it 'cause I co-wrote it and plus, I love the song 'cause it just feels so good. We've been getting really good reviews on it. So, I think that's why I love it so much.

Dustin: I would say my favorite song off the album is called "Incredible". Because we all helped write that song and, when we wrote it, it was just a nice feel and everybody just came together with a lot of hot lyrics and a lot of good ideas. It just turned out to be a really nice song. So, that's what I like about it.

Carnell: My favorite song is "How You Not Gonna", because it's like one of the fastest we've got on the album. It's really cool and the beat's really great.

Kelly: My favorite song is called "Things I Would Do For My Girl". It's produced by The Underdogs in L.A. and I like it because it's cool and I have a really nice rap on it.

Bad Boy is known for it's remixes. Have you started talking about a remix to "Hydrolics"?

Patrick: Actually, we have started to talk about a remix, but we don't know when we're actually gonna do it, but there is definitely some talking about doing a remix. It might be T-Pain.

kayla asked: How long did it take to prepare for the "Hydrolics" video?

Patrick: It took us like a week and a half. At first, we're doing choreography for just us. But, then they had to bring in girls to learn the breakdown of the "Hydrolics" song. But, then, the reason why it took so long was because we kept switching all these girls because all these different people kept coming to audition, so it took like 4 or 5 days of doing. Day after that, we had to get everyone in here at the same time and start rehearsal. So, about a week and a half.

b5<3princesses asked: Who are some rappers and singers that you'd like to work with in the future?

Dustin (guessing): Kanye West.

Kelly (possibly with random interjection from others): Lil' Wayne, Jay-Z. We kinda want to get Puff rapping on one of our songs, but he's so busy right now. So, whenever that's available. Michael Jackson, Usher, [background: "Kanye West? Oh, you already said that"] T-Pain, Yung Joc, J. Moss, Jay-Z, Lil' Wayne - we already said Lil' Wayne, right? [background: "yeah"] Andre 3000 from Outkast, he's cool, too. Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco. Chamillionare, Bone Thugs N Harmony.

Bryan: Bone Thugs. [sings] Bone thuuuggs!

Jayda asked: What do you like to do for fun?

Dustin: I like playing football and I just like being in the studio, basically, and just coming up with songs. I like writing a lot.

Patrick: I like playing basketball and I also like writing and making tracks and stuff, for fun.

Carnell: I like to play basketball and I sometimes write.

Kelly: I like to write and make music, beats and everything like that, producing. Playing football, Xbox 360, going to movies, chilling with my homies, bowling. Stuff like that.

Bryan: I like to go to the movies, play football, Xbox Live, hanging with the family and skating and stuff.

nora asked: Which one of you has the edge in baseketball?

Patrick: It's between me and Carnell, 'cause me and Carnell played more than everyone else in the group. If anyone want a challenge in basketball, they'd have to challenge me and Carnell.

Kelly: I'm good at defense, but I can't really shoot. [laughter] Hey, there just ain't no lying, you know, I can catch a football easy. But, like making the 3 pointer... yeah, I let Patrick do that.

Carnell: Plus, me and Patrick can dunk now.

Patrick: 'Cause we're tall. We're the tallest one's in the group. [one of them yells: "yeah!", then someone says, in the background: "I'm taller than you"]

wadrkhadija asked: Dustin, whose idea was the mohawk?

Dustin: It was kind of my idea and Kevin [Wales].

ally asked: Do you guys have any fears? Are you afraid of anything?

Dustin: I'm afraid of failure. So, I'm not really afraid of anything.

Patrick: I'm afraid of a certain type of reptile...

Kelly: Yeah, I don't like snakes. Man, I hate snakes.

Patrick: I like snakes, but I don't like anacondas.

Carnell: I like anacondas.

Patrick: They're too big, they could eat a person. And I don't wanna be eaten by no snake.

Carnell: I'm not really scared of anything. Like, sometimes heights, when its a certain degree.

DUMBflyyy. asked: Do you guys play any instruments?

Patrick: I can play the guitar like a little bit, I can play the piano a tiny bit and I can play drums, but not that good. [laughs]

Kelly: I can play the piano a little bit and the guitar a little bit. I'm terrible on the drums. That's about it.

Bryan: And I'm horrible at all instruments.

Francheska asked: Do any of you want to get into acting?

Patrick: Actually, Bryan and this other kid named Blake, they're the new hosts on the Cartoon Network. It airs on Fridays, it starts airing in August. It's called "Fried Dynamite" with Blake and Bryan. So, he's doing his little thing right now. You know we're proud of him about that. I think everyone wants to do a little bit of everything. We wanna be entrepreneurs, acting, making tracks, doing songs - you know, like Puff.

Adriana asked: What music are you guys listening to these days?

Patrick: We listen to a little bit of everything. T-Pain, Yung Joc, T.I., 8 Ball & MJG, Daft Punk. We listen to our new album called "Don't Talk, Just Listen" that comes out September 11. Yeah.

d_kelzprincess asked: Who are some of your heroes and inspirations?

Dustin: Michael Jackson, definitely an inspiration. Usher.

Patrick: I haven't had that many. Michael Jackson. Actually, my mom's an inspiration to me, too, because she can dance her butt off and, you know, she's been with us forever, since the beginning, cheering us on, so she's a big inspiration in my life. [mock cry]

Lizz asked: Out of your music videos so far, what one was the most fun to make?

[Background: ""Hydrolics". Yeah, "Hydrolics". "Hydrolics""]

Patrick: The funnest one for me to make is "Hydrolics", because it's our new single. And it's out now. At radio stations. Request it.

b5<3princesses asked: Where were you the first time that you heard yourself on the radio and what was the reaction?

Kelly: I don't know, I think the first time we ever heard ourself on the radio, we were in the car. We were going somewhere and we heard it and, you know, we were really excited. We were jumping around, singing the song. Everyone was all happy. I think my mom started getting tears in her eyes. It's been a long time. The first time was crazy.

Shannon asked: If you weren't in the music business, what do you think you would be planning on for a career?

Carnell: I'd probably be doing basketball or movies or something. Modeling.

Bryan: I would be acting.

Kelly: I would either be producing because I'd still probably be doing that. [background: "if you weren't in the music industry"] Oh, if I wasn't? I'd be boxing or playing football.

Dustin: I'd be playing football or acting or modeling.

Kelly: Or acting for me, too.

Patrick: I'd probably be like really deep in athletics. I'd be like a really good athlete. Play like football or basketball, it doesn't matter. I like both of them.

Jayda asked: What are some of your goals for the future?

Patrick: To be on the top. I mean... [laughter] but we really want this album to be really successful. We want to be headlining our own huge tours in New York at the Madison Square Garden. Our goal is basically to be the big dogs of the industry.