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Posted by Patrick
BBC News reports that the wrongful death suit filed by Biggie's estate, against the City of Los Angeles, has been dismissed.

Originally filed in 2003, the case saw a mistrial in 2005 when the judge ruled that police officials had withheld documents and failed to provide statements made by a prison informant.

The lawyer for the estate, Bradley C. Cage, suggested to BBC that the case being dismissed could allow investigators to make arrests and to further analyze the case without fear of liability as part of the ongoing wrongful death suit proceedings.

But, both sides agreed that the suit could be re-filed later and Gage said it might take two to three years for that to happen, contingent upon any new developments. Gage maintains that he, and the estate, still don't have access to certain records, due to ongoing police and federal investigations.

Posted by Patrick
Check out the clip below for a cool interview with producer Buckwild on Grind Music Radio. At the 2:22 mark, he talks about the beat for "I Got a Story to Tell" and how it was originally for Foxy Brown, but she said it was wack. The whole thing is worth a listen, but also check out the 5:05 mark for what he told someone that told him they wanted to "get [Puffy's] formula." Part 2 is included below, as well.

Via Deric "D-Dot" Angelettie via NODFACTOR.COM.

Posted by Patrick
A new song from GOOD Music rapper Consequence samples Biggie vocals for the chorus. The song is "Childish Games" and it borrows from "Let Me Get Down," from the "Born Again" album. It features Asher Roth. Check out the video for the song below.

Posted by Patrick
MTV News' Shaheem Reid reports from the Diddy-hosted Biggie tribute party last night in Brooklyn. In addition to my quick recap, Reid's piece fills in some of the blanks a bit, including other songs that were performed.

Check out the clip below for a hype Mister Cee and a short clip of them playing Biggie's "Warning." The Source has photos.

Posted by Patrick
MTV News' Sway Calloway (with Shaheem Reid) spoke to Mister Cee and DJ 50 Grand in honor of the 13th anniversary of Biggie's passing. The interview focuses on Biggie's first major moves in rap and they briefly discuss his demo tape, as well.

"'Microphone Murderer' is the main demo [song]," Cee said. "It's the demo that I took to Matty C from The Source magazine for the 'Unsigned Hype' article. Diddy heard about The Source magazine 'Unsigned Hype' situation. So the 'Microphone Murderer' was the demo song Puff heard and got him signed. Besides 'Microphone Murderer,' [the demo tape included] 'Guaranteed Raw,' 'Live in Action' and another song called 'Love No Hoe.' And when we say demo, it wasn't a four-track. It was just [50] DJing on two records in his crib."

Though this quote makes it sound like "Guaranteed Raw" and "Live in Action" were separate tracks, but they were not and this is made clear in the video below.

Posted by Patrick
Diddy hosted a party tonight in Brooklyn, to honor the life and times of The Notorious B.I.G., on the 13th anniversary of his passing.

The Source partnered with Bad Boy to stream the event live online and I watched a good chunk of it. Small issues (price gouging and a fight or two) aside, it was quite a spirited performance as Diddy took the stage and rapped, sung, hyped and danced to a medley of Biggie featured and inspired tracks.

With Mister Cee DJing, he was joined by Busta Rhymes, Fabolous, Red Cafe and Rick Ross as, decked out in shirts reading "Invisible Bully 03.09.10," they worked their way through a medley including Red Cafe's "I'm Ill" and "Paper Touching," Fabolous' "Brooklyn," Diddy's "Victory" and "It's All About the Benjamins (Remix)," Dirty Money's "Angels (Remix)," Total's "Can't You See," Junior M.A.F.I.A.'s "Get Money" and "Player's Anthem," as well as an assortment of Biggie tracks, including but not limited to the following:

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Posted by Patrick
MTV News' Jayson Rodriguez has quotes from Biggie's mom Voletta Wallace and former LAPD detective Russell Poole, who investigated the murder of Biggie, on the 13th anniversary of his death.

Ms. Wallace declined to comment on the status of her lawsuit but issued a brief statement to MTV News: "I thank you for the opportunity to touch [my son's] fans and for the network's continued support of me and the family, but it's been 13 years, I miss my son, his children miss their father, and the murderer is still at large." ...

Poole maintains there were clues that pointed to each man that should have been looked into further. "I've put away guys for life with less evidence [than I had on Rafael Perez and David Mack]," Poole said.

Posted by Patrick
Today marks 13 years since the premature passing of Christopher Wallace, better known as The Notorious B.I.G.

Biggie's memory is kept alive by his family, fans, friends, admirers, peers, family, Bad Boy Records and, of course, Diddy. If an artist has had more impact than Biggie while finishing only two albums in his lifetime, I'd like to know who that artist is.

Rest in peace, B.I.G.

If you have any thoughts you'd like to add or share, please feel free to post them in the comments.

Posted by Patrick
According to Shaheem Reid of MTV News, on March 9, the MTV Jams network (note: this is a different channel than MTV) will be playing the videos of various deceased artists, including The Notorious B.I.G. March 9 will mark 13 years since the passing of Biggie.

Following this, on March 14 on MTV2, Diddy will host a special "Sucker Free Sunday," which will serve as a tribute to Biggie. The show will air at 12:00 PM ET, according to MTV's website.

Posted by Patrick
Karina Brown of Courtroom News Service reports that Kaushi Entertainment and Dro-Entertainment have filed suit in Los Angeles District Court, claiming breach of contract and promissory fraud was committed by the estate of The Notorious B.I.G., his ex-wife and former Bad Boy Records artist Faith Evans, his friend Damien "D-Roc" Butler and Butler's company, RocDarling Films.

Kausi and Dro-Entertainment say that RocDarling had agreed to provide them with video of Biggie and that the estate had granted them permission to distribute the clips. For this, they provided an advance of $30,000, but they say that the footage never arrived. They are suing for $5 million dollars. A copy of the complaint is available from CNS.

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