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Going into the weekend, Bad Boy has released a surprise mixtape titled "The Preview," which showcases music Machine Gun Kelly, Cassie and Red Cafe.

It features previously unreleased songs, including Cassie's "Radio" (featuring Fabolous) and "Make You a Believer" (featuring Jadakiss) and Machine Gun Kelly's "Warning Shot" featuring Livvi Franc. Interludes and ad-libs from Diddy complete the project, which was co-hosted by the Bad Boy CEO and DJ Prostyle.

Bad Boy, with no currently announced release dates, has not put out an album since December 14, when Dirty Money's "Last Train to Paris" was released. "The Preview" is a vehicle to make people aware of what is coming next, and that the label is ready to release some new music.

"We are the legendary Bad Boy empire," Diddy says on the album's intro. "S*** we've done, has never been done before. I pray it'll be done again 'cause I ain't a hater. I would love for somebody to feel the motherf****** success that we felt. But, it's rare to have longevity in this hip-hop game. So, I have an announcement: I'm back, I'm refocused and the journey has begun. We haven't gotten all the way on our 'pop s***' s*** yet, 'cause we got some work to do."

The mixtape was sponsored by Ciroc, executive produced by Diddy and co-executive produced by Harve Pierre. You can download it for free on

Below, you can listen to it in full and check out the front and back covers, including the track listing.

Bad Boy Presents "The Preview" Mixtape (Hosted by Diddy and DJ Prostyle)

Bad Boy Presents "The Preview" Mixtape (Hosted by Diddy and DJ Prostyle)

Track Listing

1. "Fly Together" by Red Cafe featuring Rick Ross and Ryan Leslie
2. "Wild Boy" by Machine Gun Kelly featuring Waka Flocka Flame
3. "Bad Boy Empire Interlude" by Diddy
4. "Radio" by Cassie featuring Fabolous
5. "Make You a Believer" by Cassie featuring Jadakiss
6. "Big in the Hood" by Red Cafe
7. "Ciroc Interlude" by Diddy
8. "Let It Go" by Red Cafe
9. "Stereo" by Machine Gun Kelly featuring Fitts (of The Kickdrums)
10. "Warning Shot" by Machine Gun Kelly featuring Livvi Franc
11. "Outro" by Diddy


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