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In the series of clips below, DJ Scream interviews Russell "Block" Spencer of Block Entertainment. The most interesting part is in the second clip, where he talks about Yung Joc's departure from Bad Boy and gives his side of the matter.

This is Spencer's account of the events, and his side only (we have covered Joc's side in detail previously): Joc wanted to dissolve his relationship with his long time manager Rico Brooks. But, Spencer told Joc that that wasn't fair, given Brooks' investment in him as an artist, instead suggesting he bring another person in as Brooks would be open to sharing the duties and, he says, the money.

Allegedly, Joc was not satisfied with that proposal and, in return, Block pushed Joc's album back and released Gorilla Zoe's album in his spot. Joc went directly to Diddy (Block referred to this as going "behind his back"). When Diddy declined to get involved, Joc went to Lyor Cohen, who also declined.

Block also spoke on his relationship with Diddy and confirmed that Gorilla Zoe was still signed to Bad Boy through Atlantic.