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On Thursday, Thisis50 released an interview with Black Rob where Rob was very, very critical of Diddy. He indicated that he should have known better than to sign with Diddy, who mislead him about the release date of his album and used him.

He claimed that Diddy took G. Dep away from him (as an artist) and that their time together must have meant nothing to Diddy, because he didn't visit Rob while he was incarcerated.

Furthermore, he said that Diddy wasn't working with him on records. "He was just the last word. 'Good record. I like that. I want to get on that. That's a good record.' He's not in the studio 20 hours, 15 hours with me. Never. There wasn't no love over there. Dude's was just trying to use me."

You can watch the interview below. Pretty strong words.

Most of this is (or was) Rob's opinion and he's entitled to it. But, some of this stuff seemed just a little unfair or unreasonable. "The Black Rob Report" was used as a "spring board" for Biggie Duets? I don't see how.

What struck me, more than anything, was that Black Rob was claiming that Diddy and Bad Boy were using him, but that he was unable to see that 50 Cent was using him as a pawn in his "beef" with Diddy, with this very interview. It's an interview for 50's site and they are sitting you right in front of 50's plaques.

But, today, Rob came out and retracted the interview, saying that it was conducted a couple of months ago and that he was speaking from emotion.

"When you deal with emotions, you tend to say things you might not really mean," he said. "Especially when you don't really have the real story behind it."

He says that Diddy has been "real instrumental" in getting him back into music and securing release from Atlantic Records and, in Rob's words, "being like my brother."

"Being that me and Puff done spoke about everything and the communication is back where it need to be, where it was supposed to be from day one, you know, that interview should be null in void," he continued. I confirmed with him on Twitter that he was referencing the Thisis50 interview.

"This man put me where I needed to be in the game," he said. "He took me from lil' Rob on the street ... to a world, international star. If I hate him, I hate myself. So, I just want to get it out there for all you people that probably think I feel some kind of way about P. Diddy. I don't. I love that dude. He's a good dude, now that we've spoke. I love the dude. He put me where I needed to be. There was a couple of bumps in the road along my career. But, at the end of the day, we was always good money. He ain't jerk me. You won't hear me talking about 'oh, he took this money,' he did this, he did that."

Watch his full statement below.