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Red Cafe told Hot 93.7's Jenny Boom Boom (watch the video below) that he and Cassie are both coming with Dirty Money to Bad Boy on Interscope.

This makes sense as Diddy said in November that Red Cafe still wasn't officially signed to Bad Boy, but that they were proceeding as if he was. Since he's not signed, he has no contract with Atlantic Records and, as such, he'd be one of the new artists and any new artists will be on Bad Boy/Interscope.

However, the one interesting detail that Red mentioned was that Cassie would also be coming over to Bad Boy/Interscope. It wouldn't be a shock if Diddy had wanted to take some of his Bad Boy/Atlantic Records artists over to Bad Boy/Interscope and he had worked that out with Atlantic. Assuming this is how it plays out, Cassie may not be alone, either.

The interview is a little hard to watch because it seems like the host didn't do a lot of research. Bad Boy is certainly still a label, they just changed their major label affiliation. Despite reports, Diddy has said that Day26 is still on Bad Boy as are others who were on the roster, but they are just on the Bad Boy/Atlantic roster. Long term, there may be business to work out, but that's where it stands right now.

Via Cyrus Langhorne.