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Diddy spoke with MTV about the accusations made (and then retracted) by Chuck Phillips of the L.A. Times. Mainly that he and Biggie knew 2Pac would be assaulted in 1994 at Quad Studios in New York.

"Just knowing how people in this day and age, what they read online and what they see in the papers, they just take it as fact. It's like, come on, I been working so hard to rise above all of this stuff, and to see it now trying to pull me back down.

"[But] I stayed focused. I was still. My grandmother told me, 'Be still.' No matter what it feels like, be still. And I was still and then the truth came out the way it was to come out. I didn't jump up and down about it. I let them give the apology and let people go back to the things they need to be focusing on about me, which is the #1 albums I'm dropping with Danity Kane and Day26, #1 fragrances, Janelle Monae, making this black history. And that's what it's about. But it's important to really deal with things however they come at you. And I've always done that my whole life and just always told the truth."

Diddy also said that he's not calling for Phillips to be fired and that he is not yet sure what he will do legally.