Check out our The Notorious B.I.G. section for more posts about The Notorious B.I.G.. has an interview with producer Shorty B where he talks a little bit about working with Biggie.

And multi-platinum he has been. Producing on 11 albums that went gold or platinum in the 90s -- including Short's Shorty The Pimp, Cocktails, Get In Where You Fit In, and Spice 1's Amerikkka's Nightmare, as well as the "Juice" and "Menace II Society" soundtracks. Shorty B was one of the few to work with both Death Row Records and Bad Boy Records during the famous East Coast vs. West Coast wars. "We had a studio out here in Atlanta, and Biggie came through one day. We all sit down and smoked a little weed together and sh**. After a little while, Short say he going to the studio because he wanted me to let Biggie hear some beats. We went in the studio and I let Biggie hear some beats. Then Lil Kim showed up at the studio. So I played this beat and she absolutely fell in love with it. It ended up on the 'Booty Call' Soundtrack as 'Call Me'.


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