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Bleu Magazine has an interview with Cheri Dennis.

How is it working with Diddy? On "Making The Band", let's just say he doesn't make himself out to be the easiest guy to work with. I'm sure he never made you walk to Brooklyn to get cheesecake, but is he really the hard-nosed guy we see on MTV or is he a big softie once you get to know him?

Heís not the easiest person to work with, but at the end of the day heís very focused and very driven. That can be a little intense at times and that can be misconstrued into making him look like not the nicest person. But when thereís a job to do and youíre in control of a million different things, being nice is not always the objective, getting the job done is the objective. He is a very intense guy and for television itís amped up a lot. Itís television and theyíre seeking ratings and a lot of those situations could seem a little crazy because you have to try to fit them into that hour or that thirty minutes, or however long Making The Band is. At the end of the day thereís a job to be done, somebodyís gotta be the overseer and he is it.

The walking for cheesecake was just a metaphor. Itís like what will you sacrifice in order to attain this dream that you want? It donít come easy for everybody and here it is just being presented to you. Here you have the opportunity of a lifetime that people have scraped and struggled for for years and now this opportunity has just fallen into your lap. What are you willing to sacrifice for it? I never walked for cheesecake but had I been asked to do it. I probably would have done it too because thatís how bad I want it. Thatís how bad I wanna be a superstar and thatís how bad I want my music out there. So in that respect I donít think he did it to be mean. Walking a few miles to go grab cheesecake for somebody whoís about to give you the opportunity of a lifetime is a small price to pay for all the blessings that come with this job.