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MTV has an interview with Frank Lucas. He's the subject of the film "American Gangster" and a former acquaintance of Diddy's father, Melvin Combs.

MTV: Even though you aren't a fan of rap, you were friends with the father of one of hip-hop's most famous artists, right?

Lucas: Melvin Combs. He's a good friend of mind. That's Puff Daddy's father. He used to bring [his son] to my house every day, at least at least two or three times a week. And my daughter used to push him off the [toys]. He made it great. You see where he's at now. He's on top of the world now.

MTV: Were you and Melvin just friends or business partners?

Lucas: All the above. We did business and we were good friends. He was really a good friend of mine.

MTV: Do you remember how you met him?

Lucas: We all were out there on Seventh Avenue, and everybody knew everybody out there; I don't remember how I met him. But we had a good relationship. Me, him and [former street-basketball player] Pee Wee Kirkland. We were about as good of friends as you could get.