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Wow. "Come to Me" jumped again, up another 9 spots to #9 on the charts. "Show Stopper" fell one spot down to #13. "I Know You See It" fell 7 spots to #29. "Tell Me" debuts at #62. Also debuting is "Long Way to Go" in at #97. "Me & U" has finally fallen off the charts after peaking at #3 and staying on there for 27 weeks. Very nice run.

For those curious, that makes 9 singles that have charted on the Hot 100 this year for Bad Boy. That is T3rd for the best Bad Boy has had. The best year in that regard was 2001 with 11. 1997 would be 2nd with 10. And then 2006 would be tied with 1998 with 9. For anyone curious, the worst years were 2005 and 2002 with 2 each. For this count, singles were associated with the year that their album came out.