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Putting together Press Play has been a long process for P. Diddy. After relatively average sales for 2001’s The Saga Continues album, Diddy decided to focus on growing his other businesses (i.e. clothing line Sean John, record label Bad Boy records etc), taking a break, and even working on a dance album called Divided Souls with some of dance music’s hottest producers, which has since been put on the back-burner. ...

“A lot of time when you get somebody’s iPod, you’re shocked because you’re like, ‘this person listens to Coldplay, Tupac and Garth Brooks?,” he laughs. “People like all types of music and all types of things. You look at what’s going on in the UK in the underground hip hop, grime, garage, and drum‘n’bass scenes. I mean my iPod is full of things from dance music to movie scores to James Brown… there are so many things that are in my head. I wanted to be able to express all that without being all over the place, and still make it hip hop – that’s what I tried to do.