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The controversy surrounding a police escort that Diddy received, following the Diddy/Dirty Money "Coming Home Tour" stop in New York City, seems to be winding down.

Initially, it was reported that John Mahdessian, owner of high end couture cleaner Madame Paulette, had organized an escort away from the Hammerstein Ballroom where Diddy had just performed. The reason? Diddy wouldn't have been able to make it on time to a scheduled after-party in New Jersey.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said that it was unclear why Diddy received an escort, as they are only to be given for security reasons. He said that he would investigate.

The police responded and, their side of the story is that Diddy was only escorted for one and a half blocks. NYPD Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne told FOX that it was "unauthorized and is under investigation."

This was followed by a statement issued by an attorney representing the sergeant who ordered the escort. He said that his client ordered the escort, not for Diddy's safety, but for crowd control purposes.

Mayor Bloomberg has now told the New York Post that it is possible that the escort may have been an appropriate move and that it "does not seem like the great brouhaha that had been made of it."

"When you really look at it, I don't know whether it's true, but what you read in the paper is that a sergeant had a big crowd, wanted to get the guy out of there, said to somebody, 'Get him out of here, give him a ride, give him an escort for one block to get out of the crowd,'" Bloomberg said. "Maybe that was the appropriate thing. I'll leave that up to the Police Commissioner when he does an investigation."