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As we reported yesterday, Diddy received a police escort following his New York show on Friday, which enabled him to arrive at his previously scheduled after-party in New Jersey.

However, New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg said that Diddy shouldn't have received an escort if there wasn't a security issue and an investigation was launched.

Allison McGevna of FOX News has an update on the story, which includes statements from the NYPD, the New Jersey State Police, the Essex County Sheriff's office and the township of West Orange, where the event was held.

"After being repeatedly rebuffed by police officers on the street and a police lieutenant at the station house, a dry cleaner claiming to represent Sean Combs apparently prevailed upon a sergeant to direct a police van driven by a police officer to escort Combs a total of one city block from mid W. 35th St., closer to 9th Ave., across 9th Ave. and another half block to Dyer Ave, after which the Combs party drove unescorted," NYPD Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne told FOX. "Although a distance of just one block, the assistance provided was unauthorized and is under investigation. Assertions that Combs was escorted by the NYPD into New Jersey are false."

Meanwhile, the New Jersey State Police and Essex County Sheriff's office have no record of any escort being provided to Diddy. However, the West Orange township representative did say that 11 police officers were outside of the after-party, not to escort Diddy, but to ensure that traffic flowed correctly. The township is looking to receive $3,086.55 in overtime for the officers that were on site.

FOX also obtained an email message that requested "police escorts" be added to the venue's VIP list. It is unclear who sent this message.

John Mahdessian, owner of high end couture cleaner Madame Paulette, had previously taken credit for setting up the police escort, saying that he had called on contacts to do so and that it allowed Diddy to arrive at the venue in 15 minutes. He provided some clarification to FOX, saying that the escort lasted "maybe 30 seconds" and that it was comprised of off-duty officers.

Even with all of these statements, Vincent Carroll, who owns the company who organized the event, told FOX that there was "absolutely no police detail" and that he had not heard of Mr. Mahdessian. Even so, FOX spoke with an attendee of the after-party who said that they saw police cars, with flashing flights, escort Diddy to the venue.