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The New York Post has an update to the controversy surrounding a police escort Diddy received after the "Coming Home Tour" stop in New York City.

The Post spoke to Andrew Quinn, an attorney who represents the sergeant who ordered the escort. He says that the escort "wasn't to benefit [Diddy]," but instead was to improve a potential safety issue with the mounting crowd in the area.

They also quote a retired officer who worked in the same precinct, where Diddy was arrested back in 1999 following the club shooting incident. The unnamed officer said that Diddy mistreated officers then and, as such, should not have received assistance from them.

"After how he treated cops the night he was arrested in Club New York, no one should have helped him cross the street, let alone get a police escort," he said.

Meanwhile, MYFOXNY.COM spoke with Mike Zimet, the "former security director" for Diddy. Zimet said that Diddy would have never requested such a favor himself, because the city is home to any number of celebrities at any given moment and if they were catering to all of them, they wouldn't be able to do their job.