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Let's recap. In May, Qwanell "Que" Mosley of Day26 said that the group's second single from "Forever in a Day" would be "Your Heels." But, just two days later, a poll was launched on their MySpace where you were asked to help them pick their second single.

In June, Que came back again, saying that "Your Heels" would, indeed, be their second single. Willie Taylor also confirmed this on his Twitter.

At the start of the July, however, it was time for another poll on the group's MySpace. As I write, "So Good" is the present leader of that poll, taking 42% or 7,384 votes. And so it shall be done. I've confirmed with the label that "So Good" will be the second single from "Forever in a Day" and the video for the track will be included on the "Forever In Your Eyes" digital video collection that's being released on August 25.