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Day26's MySpace revealed that the group will release "Forever In Your Eyes," a digital video album on iTunes on August 25. The album will feature the music videos for 8 tracks. It is unclear what the track listing is and I am trying to confirm the full list now. I can say, exclusively, that "Girlfriend," "Perfectly Blind" and "So Good" will be included, according to a source at the label.

Beyond that, we can see that, in the trailer (watch below), clips from the "Truth is a Lie" video are easily spotted. We also know that the group has shot videos for "Just Getting Started" and "Then There's You". Despite Qwanell "Que" Mosley of the group saying that the video for "Your Heels" was supposed to be shot on June 29, it never was. And, of course, we also have the videos for "Imma Put It On Her" and "Stadium Music." So, we have 5 possible known choices for the 5 remaining videos. They could always surprise us and throw in one or two we don't yet know about, of course.

It's unclear if the legal trouble associated with "Just Getting Started" will prevent that video from being included. Stay tuned for a track listing.