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MTV's Jocelyn Vena and Sway Calloway report that Diddy made added some last minute, finishing touches to Day26's new album, "Forever in a Day."

... looking back at what Diddy told the guys to adjust, they see why he has become such a successful music mogul. "As far as song selection, there were a couple of songs on the record that we felt like should have really been on the record," Brian Andrews said. "But now that I listen back to the entire album I see why he made the choices that he made. And it makes a lot of sense and really rounds the whole album off. So, um, that's why Diddy is Diddy and that's why we're Day26."

I don't know how big of news this really is. It's just part of what an executive producer does. Not that big of a deal. Anyway, check out a quick video interview snippet below.