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Day26's second album, "Forever in a Day" is now available online and in stores. The album features former Making the Band 4 theme song "Stadium Music," as well as the first official single from the album, "Imma Put It On Her." Buy it from

Here is the track listing:

1. "Just Getting Started"
2. "Imma Put It On Her" featuring Diddy and Yung Joc
3. "Shawty Wats Up" featuring T-Pain
4. "Think Of Me"
5. "Stadium Music"
6. "Bipolar"
7. "Perfectly Blind"
8. "So Good"
9. "Girlfriend"
10. "Babymaker"
11. "Then There's You"
12. "Need That" featuring Jermaine Dupri
13. "Reminds Me Of You"
14. "Your Heels"
15. "Truth Is A Lie"

In addition, iTunes is offering these in their exclusive version bundle:

16. "One Night Only" (Bonus Track)
17. "Imma Put It On Her" (Video) featuring Diddy and Yung Joc
18. "Making of "Imma Put It On Her"" (Video)
19. "Honest" (Pre-Order Only)
20. Digital Booklet

At Target stores, you can buy the album with an exclusive DVD.