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Following up on last week's report, Charles W. Cherry II of the Florida Courier has part 2 of his report on the recent Ciroc casting call controversy.

"I have cast talent for Diddy and Bad Boy (Entertainment, Combs' company) for the past seven or eight years. He has never, ever requested only a certain type of model. He just wants beautiful models of all ethnicities," [LaShawnna Stanley, CEO of Miami-based Ethnicity Models] said. "Diddy's not a racist and has not requested only White, Latin or light-skinned models in the eight years that I have been casting for him.

"The assumption that he only wanted White, Hispanic or lightskinned Black models was an assumption from that affiliate agency (the Miami-based Tysom Agency). It was not a request of Diddy or Ciroc (the premium vodka brand Diddy markets)."