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Last week, a story about a controversial Ciroc ad casting call was making rounds online among some gossip sites. The controversy came from the fact that the call reportedly requested models who were "white, Hispanic or light skinned African-American." With the source of the document unclear and a lack of credible sources reporting, I decided to wait for the dust to settle a bit and for a writer to get the various sides of the story and get to the bottom of it. It appears this has happened.

Charles W. Cherry II has an insightful piece for the Florida Courier that should bring you up to speed, if you are curious.

According to Dia Simms, the general manager of Bad Boy's marketing division, Blue Flame, the source of the call was Tysum, a talent agency in Miami. Cherry writes:

Though Simms understood the seriousness of the situation, she called any accusation that Combs would discriminate on the basis of skin color “laughable.”

“We go out of our way to book Black models,” she said. “We’ve done hundreds of events featuring thousands of models of every ethnicity over the years. We are a minority-owned company. I am a Black woman. It doesn’t make sense for our company to employ a ‘paper bag’ test in 2009.

“It’s damaging to Ciroc, to our company, and it’s personally hurtful to Mr. Combs,” she fumed. “The fact that this issue resurfaces lets you know how far we have to go as people.”

Via Ken Wheaton.