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Today, Boyz N Da Hood has released their sophomore album, "Back Up N Da Chevy".


The tracklisting is as follows:

1. "Everybody Know Me"
2. "Bite Down"
3. "Say What's On Your Mind"
4. "Nothing is Promised" featuring Yung Joc
5. "We Ready" featuring Yung Joc
6. "Choppa's" featuring Ice Cube
7. "Block Boyz" featuring T-Rok, Alfa Mega, Yung Joc and Durty
8. "We Ridin'"
9. "Paper" featuring Rick Ross
10. "Back Up N Da Chevy"
11. "Table Dance" featuring T-Pain
12. "We Thuggin'"
13. "No Haters Allowed"

In July, I reported on the official tracklisting that had been released to me. There is one difference between that one and this one - it's the absence of the Van Halen sampled "Jump". I was looking forward to hearing that, actually. Maybe they had some clearance issues.

You can pick up the album at