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Here are some more things to think about in regard to that Press Play tracklist:

Are Kanye and Pharrell performing or not? The New York Times article said that "he has recorded with an array of heavyweight friends, including Kanye West, T. I., Pharrell, Jamie Foxx and Big Boi of OutKast." So, from that, it's hard to say. But, if Kanye and Pharrell are on there, they weren't on that tracklist.

WikiPedia's page for "Press Play" has a couple of potentially useful tidbits on it. First, Scar is a male R&B singer signed to Big Boi's label. You can listen to him on their site. This makes sense because the track listing had Scar as appearing on the song that has Big Boi and Ciara on it. So, it's probably not Scarface like I had guessed, even though that would have been good. :)

Next, for the song with "Keri," it links to Keri Hilson who is apparently signed to Timbaland's label and has done some writing for Danity Kane. This also makes sense because Timbaland is a producer (and featured artist) on the album.

Still, though, this tracklist should be regarded carefully and not taken as an absolute. It could be partially true (it's at least partially true) or completely true or simply a work in progress. We'll know soon enough as we are exactly 1 month away from it's release.