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The New York Times has a great, long article on Diddy that is definitely worth a read.

It mentions a song called "Diddy Rock" as "an inventive fusion of hardcore hip-hop and Ibiza-style dance music, which sounded great." It also mentions that Pharrell and T.I. will be on the album. The song "Wanna Move" features Big Boi. The article calls it "a stunning Southern-bounce-meets-Kraftwerk track."

... Mr. Combs and company drove to the corner of 142nd Street and Lenox Avenue in Harlem. As several double-parked cars blasted Diddy songs, dozens of young men milled about. Two elderly women, dressed in African prints, approached the party. “What’s going on here?” one demanded sternly.

“Puffy’s got a new album,” someone said.

“Puff Daddy? Where is he?”

“Right here, ma’am,” Mr. Combs said, offering her a mini bottle of Moët. She stood near him for a bit, sipping Champagne through a plastic straw and swaying to the music. Then she quietly shuffled away. ...

When he is not in Diddy mode, Mr. Combs is disarmingly friendly and low-key, even shy and self-deprecating.