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Adding to what was previously reported, Juicy Magazine has an interview with Cardan:

Juicy: Who are you working with on the album?

Cardan: Iím going to do some stuff with Pharrell. Iím working with Puffy. ...

Juicy: Have you figured out what label youíre gonna sign with?

Cardan: Iím talking to Puff. Heís interested. Iím talking to Universal. [Iím] speaking with Jay-Z. ...

Juicy: Well, itís been rumored that Puffy puts the attention on himself and not his artists.

Cardan: Thatís what Iím telling him. Yo! I donít want to be dropping an album and heís talking about ĎIím dropping my albumí (laughs). I think Puffís next album will be his lastÖbesides the other people on the label I donít think they can compete.

... alrighty then. Way to make friends and influence people! :)