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Some interesting stuff (emphasis mine) came out of the interview with Cardan: Speaking of ghostwriting, in edition to Nelly, youíve also written for Bow Wow, Lilí Kim, Diddy. What are some of the songs youíve written that people may be familiar with?

Cardan: ... I just did the new Diddy and Mary single. Itís a new Diddy single about to come out, featuring Mary, produced by Rich Harrison.... So, whatís up with the album situation? Youíre about to put out a mixtape, but arenít you also working on a record deal?

Cardan: Yeah, Iím working on my record deal as well. Actually, Iíve been talking to Puff about something. He wants to do something with me. Iím just walking out the Universal building [where I was] talking to Eric Nixon; he wants to do something with me. Iím trying to see who has the best offers and whoís gonna be behind the project because I just donít want to take their money an they just donít be behind it. Iím looking for the right support and team to get behind me. ... Whatís it [the mixtape] called and where can people find it?

Cardan: Itís called Free Agent Million Dollar Baby Mixtape. ... I got Juelz Santana, Jim Jones, Peedie Crack, Lilí CeaseÖI got DL Gunz from Philly, I got Akon, Puffy, so itís gonna be pretty dope.

I can't recall hearing much of Cardan besides I Really Like It, Do You Remember?, Jam On It and Just a Touch (Bad Boy Remix). But, what I heard, I generally liked. It would be interested if he signed with Bad Boy, especially given his rocky background with Mase - though, he says they're cool now.