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Just heard a clip from Hot 97 with 50 Cent. It was Miss Jones in the morning with Envy and they were interviewing him. Not sure when it was, but I'm guessing it was from today. He mentioned that he hasn't signed Carl Thomas and that he's still working with Puffy on the Mase deal. But, the interesting part was him coming out to basically slam Diddy for the deals he gave his earliest artists. Here it is (word for word as best as I can):

50 Cent: The type of deals [Puff] did with them was like foul. Like with Mase, The Lox, all of them back then. Like foul. You know what I'm saying. You do that with somebody you got beef with. I do that with Ja.

Envy: Right, right. He gave B.I.G. $25,000 for his publishing alledgedly.

50 Cent: Come on man. He had his run and now he running B.I.G. into the ground.

Miss Jones: Do you feel there's too much B.I.G., B.I.G., B.I.G.?

50 Cent: I'm exausted on it and I love B.I.G.

Miss Jones proceded to criticize Ms. Wallace for the Vibe photo spread. 50 Cent shot her down, to his credit, saying she can do whatever she wants. And then Miss Jones continued, making fun of Ms. Wallace by mimicking her. But, then, Envy turned his criticism of Diddy around on him:

Envy: Now, you speaking about giving back and talking about some of the deals that Puff did with Mase and B.I.G. and The Lox. When G-Unit's concerned, is Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo and Young Buck, do they get a piece of G-Unit or is G-Unit all 50? (I think that's what he said, anyway).

50 Cent: All of the outside deals they are a part of. The actual record company - nobody sacrificed for me. At that point, it was so early we had nothing. Only person who had the money to invest was me.

Envy: Right.

Right? No one sacrificed for Diddy, either, if you want to say it like that. Come on now. He criticizes Diddy for business I'd be surprised if he knows 100% about (nor do I, but that's the point) and then he gives that sort of answer to a direct question and he gets a "Right." I understand that you have to be complementary to your on air guest, but... man.

As far as the deals that were done with B.I.G., The Lox, Mase, etc., this probably isn't the time to go into too much detail. They all did alright for themselves and they used Bad Boy as a means to give themselves the names that they have today. If it is true that Diddy paid $25,000 for whatever publishing rights he paid for, there is no problem with that. If there had been a higher demand for Biggie when he was signed, maybe he would have got more, who knows. That's called an investment. Did Diddy think "well, I think this $25,000 will come back to me and it'll bring friends?" Yes. Of course. It's an investment. Do you buy a stock thinking it's going to go down? Of course not. Of course, it's easy to hate the boss, hate the big company, whatever. A lot of people like to play that position, since Biggie has passed away and him and Diddy were good friends, Diddy is somehow evil for making money from the recordings. That's nonsense.

If I bought Microsoft when they first came out and it's gone up so much now and I'm rich, should they ask me to forfeit my shares? No way. Mase, The Lox, 112 - whoever. They took the deal they felt was the best for them. End of story. If there was a deal that they liked better, they would have taken it. Diddy offered them the most attractive offer they had and they took it. To pretend otherwise is to say that Mase, The Lox, 112, etc. are very, very stupid people. Who takes the offer they don't like the best?! That's insane. Diddy signs tons of people. Some don't work out, some do OK and some do great. That's the way investments work. I have had stocks go out of business, I've had stocks break even and I've had stocks go up a lot. Diddy assumes the risk when he lays out the money. Sometimes he doesn't get it back. Sometimes he does. And sometimes he makes a big profit. There is absolutely, absolutely nothing wrong with this. Anyone who says otherwise just wants to criticize Diddy, really.

But, that isn't the main point I wanted to raise with this interview. I have two, actually. They are:

1. 50 Cent says that Ms. Wallace can do whatever he wants. She has made it clear in interview after interview that she wanted to do this Duets album and she wants to keep B.I.G. out there as Puffy has. She wants a movie, she wants a soundtrack, etc. etc. So, what is 50 Cent doing criticizing Diddy for doing what Ms. Wallace wants? Isn't that kind of cowardly? It doesn't take guts to criticize Diddy on Hot 97. But, when you say that his mother can do whatever she wants, but his friend is using him - and they're working on the very same body of work, you're playing games and you're being hypocritical.

2. If 50 was on Duets and The Game wasn't, would we be hearing this?

Edit: Oh, yeah and I'm sure Ja Rule being on one of the Duets bonus tracks didn't help, either. He sure wasn't complaining when he was put on "Realest N******" or "Victory 2004."

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