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On an episode of Complex TV's The Combat Jack Show, French Montana discussed the bidding war for his services and why he went with Bad Boy. Watch below.

"It was a deal that had to do with Ross and Diddy together," he said. "And these are people that I can call at any given time at night and tell them, 'Look, this is the problem that I have' and they would answer and they would not be weird people and have weird problems. People I could really hang out with.

"And everybody be thinking [that] because you're signed to Puff or Ross or you're signed to somebody, like you're under somebody - everybody gotta be an underboss because if you don't sign to these people, you're gonna sign to somebody that's in the label, that don't even listen to rap, that just got a position in there with those people that don't care about nothing that's got to do with music, one of them devils up there. And the minute you make that phone call when you're stressed out, guess what? You ain't gonna get no answer back."