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Daddy's House engineer Steve Dickey spoke with XXL about the making of "Excuse My French," the new album from French Montana that was released today.

This is an album that saw a lot of delays. Did you guys have a full body of work ready to go last summer?

We had probably 300 songs by then, but with a situation like thatÖ Itís a process. Most albums go through this. Itís gonna get pushed back for one reason or another. Until youíre done and upload the final album to the label, you know there are still going to be changes made. Itís usually not a creative thing when that happens. Itís the business side. Clearances or maybe itís not the right time of year for an album to come out. Maybe they want something else to come out behind it or with it. Once I get more time with it, it opens up a lot more time to do work. So itís a blessing and a curse at the same time.