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For a while now, Uncle Luke has hinted that he was displeased with French Montana's handling of "Pop That," specifically his clearance of Luke's "I Wanna Rock" for the song's chorus.

Over the last couple of weeks, both made comments to Hot 97 that seemed to escalate the situation. First, Montana said he had heard that Luke said he was owed money and claimed that wasn't true because Luke did not own the rights to the song. "I can't owe you money if you don't own your thing," he said. Watch below, starting at 4:07.

This elicited a response from Luke, where he disputed saying that he was owed money, but maintained that he had a case for copyright infringement. The reason he hasn't pursued it, and doesn't want to, is because of his relationship with Diddy. But, he said, that if Montana continues to talk about it in this way, he leaves the door open to taking action.