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XXL has an interview with Cassie talking about "Rock a Bye Baby," the mixtape she will release on Thursday, how she first felt about "Me & U" and more.

I remember when you were recording your first album at 18 or 19 that you were going through a process of sounds. What can you tell me about the direction of this tape?

Itís completely different than the beginning. I think that honestly. Itís been seven years later and going through making all of these different records and trying all of these different things that got me to this point. I am experimenting with sounds was experimenting with my voice and how far I wanted to take things and how minimal I wanna keep it. Thatís kind of the quality of my work is in the simplicity of it. I donít think I overdo anything. I leave it so DJs can remix it and it not be complicated. Itís creative. Itís made for the DJ. Itís made for people who wanna listen to music and vibe out, but itís just a new sound.

Itís fun on it too because I experimented with sampling records that I personally really like. So I did a remix to ďM.A.A.d City.Ē Kendrick Lamarís ďM.A.A.d City.Ē Iím actually singing on it, but its dope. I did a record with Too $hort and itís a sample from the Tyga record ďDo My Dance.Ē Itís all over the place and itís really cool that we got people from all genres and walks of life, like Too $hort being from out here, Jeremih is from Chicago, everybody else is from New York, we got little pieces of everything on the tape.