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If you've been using the internet over the past few weeks, you've likely run across a "Harlem Shake" parody video, utilizing Baauer's song of the same name. The song itself isn't new, but this online phenomena is.

Of course, if you are a long term Bad Boy fan, you'll know the Harlem Shake as a dance that was notably featured in the music video for Diddy, G. Dep and Black Rob's "Let's Get It." As such, the dance has drawn criticism from Harlemites protective over their culture.

During the press conference to announce his involvement with AQUAhydrate, MTV asked the Harlem-born Diddy for his thoughts.

"It's fun, it's just a fun version," he said. "Any time when people are dancing, especially in this day and age when everybody's trying to be so cool and people are letting loose, letting off some steam, I agree with it."

"I do want people to get educated on the real Harlem Shake," Diddy continued. "It's something that's an art form, but anything that's branding Harlem, my hometown, I'm all for it. Anything that's fun, that's positive, I'm all for it."

Via Rap Radar.