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Prior to last night's WrestleMania 28, where he fell to The Rock, wrestler John Cena talked with MTV's Rob Markman about hip-hop and his selection of Machine Gun Kelly's "Invincible" for his introduction.

"Any Flo Rida song will get you excited, will make the club move," he said, in reference to The Rock's choice of music. "But, I heard Machine Gun Kelly's 'Invincible' and I wanted to fight somebody. To me, music that gives you that much motivation and energy... you can tell he's hungry and I think that's when your true love for hip-hop shows, when you're hungry enough to put your heart and soul into a track, into a record."

"I met this kid in person," he continued. "The music does him justice. He is hungry, man and he's gonna be at WrestleMania and I'm happy for him. Hopefully, he can keep the momentum going."