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Last Saturday on Twitter, Aasim

Back in May of last year,
Aasim said on Twitter that he was no longer a Bad Boy artist and, not just that, but he was retiring from rapping.

But, less than two weeks later, he was back, though it wasn't clear if he was still signed to Bad Boy.

In December, though, he again mentioned that he was "not on Bad Boy anymore."

I always like to try to get confirmation from both sides on these matters, wherever possible, but confirmation has not come from the Bad Boy side. Once again, Aasim said on Saturday that he is not a Bad Boy artist.

"Ladies and gentlemen, for the final time, I AM NOT A BAD BOY ARTIST," he wrote. "Thank you and God Bless."

Despite Bad Boy's continued silence, I believe it is time to take his word for it and, as such, we will be ceasing coverage of Aasim here at Bad Boy Blog. Best of luck to him.

Thanks Theo for the tip.