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Update: Minutes before this post went live, MGK collaborator Slim Gudz posted a picture of some of the physical CDs, in stores today. It appears these CDs were purchased at an FYE store.

MGK fan Sharissa Ragland tweeted me shortly after I published the story to let me know that she had purchased copies at the Chillicothe, Ohio FYE store.

So, it appears that the CD was released today and, if you are trying to find one, you may want to check an FYE store near you (use their store locator). Right now, I don't know where it can be purchased online (it is not available on the FYE website), but your best bet is to call local stores and see if they are stocking it.

Original story: Back in February, Machine Gun Kelly revealed that the release date for the "Half Naked & Almost Famous" CD/DVD would be March 20.

The EP was released on that day - but only digitally through iTunes. I confirmed with a source at Bad Boy that a physical release was still coming on April 10.

However, no further information has come and nothing is being promoted. I can't find a way to buy it. There are no active listings for the CD on retail websites like and Best Buy. did have a listing for the physical release, but it now has a release date of December 31, 2020, which is obviously a placeholder for the data that was previously there, and you can no longer pre-order it.

I have been trying to get some answers, but have been unable to do so. Due to this, I am not sure what the status of the physical release is. If I hear anything, we'll have it here at Bad Boy Blog.