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I started Bad Boy Blog because, as a fan of Bad Boy Records, I wanted a source of news and information that took a responsible approach to reporting. That's what Bad Boy Blog is. We're not a gossip site and we don't share illegal downloads. I take this very seriously.

That is except for one day of the year - April 1. April Fools' Day. It has become a tradition where we have a little fun here. In 2008, we reported that Mase wanted to sign to Suge Knight's new record label. In 2009, Jordan McCoy was joining Boyz N Da Hood and we premiered the supposed first single for Diddy's upcoming album "Last Train to Paris." In 2010, a series of "Hello Good Morning" remixes was said to be coming out for different times of the day. And last year, we reported that the label would change its name to Good Boy Records.

This year, we continued the tradition by reporting that Coke Boys leader French Montana had signed an endorsement deal with Coca-Cola and Mr. Lace Up, Machine Gun Kelly would give up shoe laces.'s rumors section picked up the Montana story while MGK himself referenced the shoe laces article on Twitter.

"Lol," he wrote. "I just saw an article saying 'source close to MGK says the rapper vows to give up wearing shoe laces.' WTF, that's the weakest gossip ever."

MGK has always struck me as having a good sense of humor, so I'm not sure if April Fools' Day slipped his mind or if he just didn't appreciate the joke (I hope that's not the case). At any rate, it was a joke and not an attempt at gossip. That said, when you attempt jokes like this, you have to understand that not everyone will appreciate the humor or make the connection.

I received a few colorful remarks from MGK fans who didn't seem to get it and were not terribly pleased with me. But, though some of the comments on Facebook might make you question humanity, I think that a majority did get the joke and understood that a story saying that Machine Gun Kelly was giving up shoe laces, posted on April 1, was a nice bit of satire. "How can he lace up without shoe laces?," some asked. Indeed.

With these sorts of jokes, my intention is always good humor - never to be mean or negative in any way. It is just to have a good laugh. Everyone gets fooled on April Fools' Day, for the most part and I appreciate everyone who participates in the day in good humored manner. If you fell for either of the pranks, thank you for being a good sport. I hope that you had a fun day.

And now, with that said, our normal coverage returns immediately. Until April 1, 2013, at least. Thank you.