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DMX spoke with Complex about the studio session for "I Don't Dance," his new single featuring Machine Gun Kelly.

Speaking of ďI Donít Dance,Ē how did your relationship with Machine Gun Kelly start?

Well, heís been a fan for a long time. He reached out because he wanted to do a song with me. Then, I saw one of his videos, and I was like, ďI like this kidís energy.Ē What made me gain an extra level of respect for him was when he came into the studio. He had his people and I had my people in the studio, so we kicked everybody out. It was just me and him, one on one, and we just vibed and talked for two hours before we even played one f****** beat.

You built that rapport.

Exactly. He felt the way I felt. You donít just want to walk in, drop a verse, and thatís it. He knows. It was like, ďLetís kick it. Letís see where each of us is coming from.Ē That way you know better how to work with a person.

He then went on to say that he doesn't necessarily listen to MGK's music, he just likes and respects him.