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DMX appeared on Power 105's "Breakfast Club" this morning, hosted by DJ Envy, Angela Yee and Charlamange Tha God.

During the interview, Angela Yee mentioned how Machine Gun Kelly had named DMX as a big inspiration. In turn, DMX said that he likes MGK and that they had a "great vibe in the studio" (here's some footage). And then Charlamange suggested that MGK is not the type of artist that DMX would usually collaborate with. Here's the exchange:

Charlamange: "Now, Machine Gun Kelly seems like somebody you would diss, like 'I'm not rocking with this dude.'"

DMX: "No. Why? I'm not into the diss for nothing type of s***. I don't do that. There has to be a reason, something that was done to me."

Charlamange: "Lyrically, I wouldn't think you would like Machine Gun Kelly. He's a nice guy."

DMX: "Great energy."

Charlamange: "Yeah, great energy. But, lyrically, I wouldn't think you would want to rock with him on a record."

DMX: "What, you're trying to say he's wack or something?"

Charlamange: "He is wack."

DMX: "Naw. He's better than 80% of the rappers out here."

DMX then turned it around on Charlamange and asked him to name his favorite lyrical rappers right now. Watch the clip below, starting at the 9:47 mark.