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Back in October of 2009, Mase made a surprise visit at an Atlanta radio station where Diddy was appearing, in an attempt to get him sign some papers. However, it was unclear what those papers actually allowed for.

At the time, Mase said he had his "freedom." But, I asked then, "from what, exactly?" Diddy doesn't seem like the type to just sign random papers, so I doubted that it was a full release from contractual obligations.

It turns out that was true. In an interview with MTV's RapFix Live, Mase revealed that Diddy had agreed to dissolve his contract, even though it had not yet been fulfilled.

This follows a series of Mase and Bad Boy related news this year. After appearing with Diddy on the remix to Wale's "Slight Work," Mase said that the pair were "probably cooler than I thought." French Montana has been working with the Harlem rapper, as well.