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On Twitter, Cassie (and Diddy) both shared a link to an unofficial, fan made mixtape of Cassie recordings, "The Best You've Never Heard."

It features material that has been commercially released, as well as material that appeared online, leaking without proper authorization. Here's the full track listing:

1. "Me & U"
2. "Just One Nite" featuring Ryan Leslie
3. "Don't Go Too Slow"
4. "When Your Body is Talking"
5. "My House"
6. "Turn the Lights Off"
7. "Activate"
8. "Stamina"
9. "Nobody But You"
10. "She Can't Love You"
11. "Can U Feel Me"
12. "I Need Love" featuring K-Young
13. "F*** U Silly" featuring Nicki Minaj
14. "Make You a Believer" featuring Jadakiss
15. "Don't Lose It" (Snippet)
16. "Gimme That"
17. "Skydiver"
18. "Breathe Again"
19. "Radio" featuring Fabolous
20. "King of Hearts (Remix)"