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Following part 1 of his interview with Vibe, part 2 has been published. He was also recently interviewed by The Boombox.

In the interviews, the rapper shares details about how he's reached this point in his career, including his various label deals and solo and group undertakings. I found this passage from the Vibe interview interesting:

Was it a no-brainer to sign with Puff?

Yeah, definitely, because I'm a different kind of guy from his other artists. People are always like you shouldn't f*** with him, like don't do it, don't do it, like don't go in that door Jack.

Honestly did you hear a lot of that?

Hell yeah. C'mon. I know you hear it. It's not no bulls***. People have their perceptions of people but they don't know them. They just know what other people say and another person's situation, but you don't really know that other person's situation because he ain't telling you everything. There are other people that might approach their situation different when it comes to something like this. I don't think they maximize every opportunity Puff gave to them. Puff gave these motherf****** platinum albums, hit records, and I just don't think these motherf****** were ready to be their own men. They just wanted to be Puff's little men. That's where the problem was. They weren't prepared to take the wheel and drive and it's like "Nah I'm cool in the backseat or the shotgun seat. I'll let him drive." If they give you the opportunity and usher you to the front, go, go, go, you got to go. His knees might be hurting. I can get you here, but now it's your time.