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Vibe's MikeyFresh offers part 1 of an interview with Red Cafe.

In it, he discusses his upbringing, being in jail with rapper Cormega and the earlier stages of his career, before he ended up with Konvict or Bad Boy.

VIBE: Honestly, we’re starting simple. How did you get the name Red Café?

Red Café: Red is a name that I grew up with. My pops name was Red—my hair is red. When my hair used to be long; I had long braids. I was more like Little Red. That was a name I grew up with. Even my moms doesn’t call me by my government name, ever. Nobody really knows me as my real name, except in school, but even in school. You know how that goes. Café was a name that I acquired in the streets. That was my stamp. I was in the streets doing a lot of different things as far as supplying different…