Check out our Red Cafe section for more posts about Red Cafe. has an interview with Red Cafe. He discusses his upcoming album, his relationship with Diddy, his involvement with the Urban Wrestling Federation and more. He also revealed that he has collaborated on a couple of records with Trey Songz, that should be released in the next few weeks. So what is going on with The Shakedown? That project Its like your own personal Detox so to speak. Whats the status of that?

Red Caf: At one time it was The Shakedown; at one time it was Red October, and where Im at with it today, Im going to let everybody know pretty soon. But yeah, the album is coming and were on a countdown right now. Like literally, we can start counting down right now! All the features is great on there. I had great people help me out with the album, producer wise as well. The countdown starts now, and every week or every other week, Ill be giving you different parts of the recipe for this sauce that Ive been putting together. And look out for the first single Fly Together, produced by Ryan Leslie, featuring Ryan Leslie and Rick Ross. So that record is coming in maybe two or three weeks.